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-Name: Jules - 18 - Uk - Straight -
Stop war, Hug more.
This is my personal blog
Message me anytime, Im here for you beautiful.I dont promote self harm however I am recovering from it, there wont be any images that trigger me on my blog.but they might effect others so beware.
I am an artist and I dye my hair a lot. I love body modification and music.
I will give you all hair advice you need because I learned everything I
know from experience. I LOVE TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN ^^
Ask me anything <3 Darling you'll be Okay <3
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My body aches all over… All the time

Im falling apart still… Just fading away slowly and noone apart from a couple of people know… And they dont know what to do because its horrible… What do I do?

mums threatening to kick me out of my house and send me to my dads… haha like thatll happen


<3 u matter


Empty? ;-;

are u ok? I am worried D:


You dont know me dont be worried. Itll be either ok or not ok but either way it doesnt matter…

I need help! Can I ask you about a phobia


Go ahead id be more than happy to try and help if i actually can

Someone save me…

This disorder is starting to kill me… All i can digest is drugs, coka cola, water and cigarettes…

Someone help me tell me how to eat food again… My skin is going grey, my bones are becoming weak and are sticking out to the point that it hurts to sit on them and sleep on them… To the point where i have to put a pillow in between my legs so that my knees dont hurt when i wake up…

Someone please just save me…

Single yet again…